Data center services securely from Finland

Outsourcing of data centers provides security and opportunities

Data centers have great significance to production in the digital era, and they are an integral part of society’s infrastructure. The amount of business critical data is significantly increasing. How has your company prepared for this? Will you invest in a data center of your own, or could we together find a better and more cost-effective solution?

Sonera is currently building a data center in Pitäjänmäki, Helsinki, and it will be the largest open data center in Finland. View the video to see what the data center will look like.

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What benefits would the outsourcing of data centers offer to your company?

Secure and cost-effective

Outsourcing of a data center generates cost savings as your company doesn't need to invest in server rooms or equipment of their own, nor attend to their maintenance. When you outsource the IT infrastructure, you release your company’s resources to support and advance the company’s core business.

Modern, outsourced data centers use high-quality technology, which is reliable, cost-effective and secure.

Our specialists monitor the data center’s operations and traffic on a 24/7 basis, so you need not allocate any of your company’s resources to it. And what’s more, your company’s critical data is safe. Our services can quickly and flexibly scale up and down according to your business.

Diverse solutions and opportunities

Our cloud services, like Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), are available as Private Cloud and Virtual Private Cloud solution guaranteeing that your company’s critical data remains secure and stays in Finland. You can also use Public Cloud services in our data center +and take +advantage of our global connectivity to combine the best features of private and public clouds into a Hybrid Cloud solution.

Modern technology

As a new generation telco, Sonera invests in important initiatives enhancing digitalization. This is why we are building Finland’s largest, most modern and most energy-efficient data center in Pitäjänmäki, Helsinki, and will make it available to all companies. This is also a natural extension of our operator business – data centers are to networks what harbours are to ships or airports to aircraft.

The new, upcoming data center in Helsinki – and our other data centers in Finland – offers data center and infrastructure services to both Finnish and international companies.

Sonera's new data center

Most energy efficient, secure and sustainable multi-tenant data center in Finland.

Sonera – New Generation Telco

We are on our way to become new generation telecommunication company. Network is our core, but important part of our mission is enhancing and expanding our capabilities in digital infrastructure that our customers need in their digital business transformation. We boost digitalization for example by investing approximately 200 million euros annually in network connections in Finland and by building Finland’s largest, open data center in Helsinki.

Why choose Sonera?

  • Internationally recognized operator and trusted partner
  • Largest Nordic and Baltic operator with global carrier capability
  • Top class coverage, scalability, availability, and reliability of the network
  • Comprehensive service portfolio

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